Prove Your Expertise with AdWords Certification

  • Posted on: Feb 12 2017
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If you are hoping to become AdWords Certified, you will need to take the Google AdWords Exams. Through the various AdWords Exams, you will be tested on best practices for advertising online and how AdWords fits into that equation.

Taking the Google AdWords Exams are a great way to advance your career and prove your expertise. However, to get the most benefit from the tests, you will want to study and prepare to pass on your first try.

What Does the Google AdWords Exams Look Like?

There are three exams that encompass the Google AdWords Exams. The first, Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam, is 90 questions that you have 120 minutes to answer. A passing score is above an 85%.

The second test, the Google Advertising Advanced Search Exam, is 99 questions and the same 120 minutes, but you only need an 80% or above to pass.

The final exam, the Google Advertising Advanced Display Exam, is 90 questions, 120 minutes, and a 70% pass mark.

How to Prepare for the Google AdWords Exams

Before you even think about taking the tests, you will want to become familiar with Google AdWords and the way the platform works. The best way to learn about the Google AdWords platform and its functions is through trial and error and running real campaigns.

Once you are familiar with some of the things you will be tested on, you should begin studying. The best resource you could use is the one created by Google. While there is a lot of information in the Google resources, it will answer any questions you have and cover all the details you need to know.

Finally, you can test your knowledge in all things Google AdWords by doing practice tests or answering practice questions. Unfortunately, Google does not provide practice tests or questions for the Google AdWords Exams, but you can find helpful resources in a number of different locations.

If you are familiar with Google AdWords and understand how it applies to online marketing techniques and best practices, the Google AdWords Exams should not be too complicated for you. However, you will want to know your material thoroughly if you want to get a passing score on your first test attempt.

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