Need to Know: Google AdWords Certification Exam

  • Posted on: Mar 6 2017
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Google AdWords can be a great way to boost your exposure and attract new customers. But running a Google AdWords campaign before you really understand what you’re doing can be confusing, expensive, and disappointing.


Getting certified in Google AdWords is one of the best ways to ensure your campaign is successful. If you’re considering taking the Google AdWords certification, here is everything you need to know.


What is the Google AdWords Certification Test?


The Google AdWords Certification test is a process provided by Google that will assess your skills with Google AdWords. The test covers all aspects of Google AdWords and is broken down into three broad subject areas: Basic Fundamentals, Advanced Search, and Advanced Display.


The test is broken down into 100 multiple choice questions per section. You will have 120 minutes to complete each section.


How do you pass the Google AdWords Certification Test?


In order to pass the Google AdWords Certification Test, you must pass the Basic Fundamentals section and either the Advanced Search section or the Advanced Display section.


To pass the Basic Fundamentals portion of the test, you need at least a score of 85. For Advanced Search or Advanced Display, you can pass with a score above 70.


If you fail a section, you only need to retake that section, not the entire test. You must wait at least seven days between attempts.


How can you prepare for the Google AdWords Certification Test?


In order to pass the Google AdWords Certification Test, you should review all the course materials and take solid notes. Because you can refer back to your notes or materials while you’re taking the test, be sure you’re organized and have all the major points covered.


Always review your notes before you sit down to take the exam. While you don’t need to take each section at once, you can’t pause a section once you begin. Proper planning will ensure you complete the exam on time and pass your first time around.

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