Merchant Center to Advanced Campaign: Google’s Shopping Advertising Exam

  • Posted on: Nov 2 2016
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If you’re a merchant or business that sells physical products, taking the Google Shopping Exam may be one of the best certifications for you and your company. Because the exam covers everything from how to create a Merchant Center account to how to run advanced campaigns, taking the Google Shopping Exam can be beneficial for individuals with varying experience levels.

But if you’re going to take the Google Shopping Exam, you’ll want to go in fully prepared. Here are some tips on how you can pass on your very first try.

1. Know the Test Details

When you go to take the Google Shopping Exam, you will be given 90 minutes to answer 63 questions. Unfortunately, you need to take the 90-minute exam entirely in one sitting. You will not be able to pause the test to return at a later time.

In order to pass the exam, you need to get at least an 80% on the exam. Your certification will be valid for an entire year after you’ve passed.

2. Don’t Rush

Although you will need to complete the test in one sitting, you don’t need to rush. You have a full hour and a half to finish your exam, so take your time thinking through each question and what the appropriate response would be.

3. Know the Product Feed Attributes

Many of the questions on the exam will relate to attributes of the product feed. If you do not know what these attributes are and what they include, you may struggle to get a passing score on the Google Shopping Exam.

Before taking the test, review attributes like the unique product identifiers, used goods and materials, and ad hoc attributes. You will also want to fully understand brand identifiers, MPN numbers, product availability, and sales prices.

4. Understand How to Get the Most from Your Account

In addition to questions on how to set up your account, you will need to know how to manage and optimize your sales and campaigns. This will include questions about project groupings, campaign priority settings, and what various reports and analytics can tell you.

If you’re serious about passing your Google Shopping Exam on your first try, the best thing you can do is study and prepare. With study guides and practice questions, you can fully understand what you need to know if you want to pass the certification.

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