Google Exam Prep, Step 1: Gain an Understanding of the Material

In our last blog we discussed the background knowledge needed to lay the groundwork for eventual success on the Google Advanced Display Advertising Exam, but in order to pass (a 70-percent score is required), you should have a working knowledge of the Google Display Network (GDN) — this will help allow you to begin exploring what this includes and begin working in it, gaining experience and a deeper understanding than if you were simply studying and not have real-world experience.

So when preparing for a certification exam, it’s helpful and even necessary to learn much more than the information you may think may be on the exam. More information should be processed and practiced before moving on, allowing you to obtain the knowledge and experience you need in the topics at hand.

Advertising options are plenty in the digital world, and businesses often can benefit greatly from adding the Google Display Network to their paid search programs.

One reason the GDN can be advantageous over search network and call-only campaigns is the price. While those avenues may also lead to business, yielding great results, they also tend to be more costly than GDN ads, coming in way other search in cost-per-click.

Both drive visitors to a business or organization’s website, but quality results for less money is always a good thing. Competition in search network ads is more fierce, making it more expensive, in most cases.

Companies that function as product distributors or resellers may be legally bound to not include keywords matching those the product manufacturer targets. For these businesses, the GDN is the smart choice. No problem running these same words on the GDN though, as there was with the search network. In this case, GDN was the better (and only) option because it didn’t violate any legal agreements and it still accomplishes the same thing- yet in a different way.

Not to worry about potential traffic decreases! You can keep that traffic coming and all numbers going up with GDN. Offering targeting by category and topic helps marketers specialize their ads more than other platforms.

This knowledge will help anyone gain a more comprehensive understand of the Google Display network, therefore helping them reach a passing score of the Advanced Display Advertising Exam.

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