Google Display Advertising Network Explainer

There are many different benefits to using Google Adwords Display Advertising, one being that the internet giant Google estimates that it provides coverage to more than 90 percent of internet users. In addition to this network’s astoundingly impressive reach, it has the ability to specifically target internet users in numerous fashions, which makes this tool an often successful platform for advertisers.

The formats available to advertisers in the display advertising network include: Text ads, image ads, rich media ads and video ads.

Text Ads
When you use the Google Display Network, GDN for short, you can use the same text ads as you would run on the search network. This consists of a headline as well as two lines of text, in addition to a URL. The lines of text are 35 characters each. A really helpful feature in the GDN text ads is the ability to create several ads to test out, allowing you to figure out which ad or ads is generating the highest number of clicks, so you can switch to using just that one (or more) ad.

Image Ads
It is a common misconception that the Google Display Network only allows the creation and running of Image Ads, but as you have read and will learn as you continue on, there are a variety of ad formats included in the GDN, which again, accounts for more than 90 percent of internet ad coverage. Image ads are compatible with images as long as they are relevant to the ad. This format also allows for completely customized layouts as well as custom background colors.
Rich Media Ads
Similar to image ads, rich media ads include the same basic format, but also include an interactive element, which can include animation or other features that are changeable – the changes depend on the viewer of the ad and the way in which they interact with the ad. To better explain how a rich media ad differs from a simple image ad, imagine an ad as a sort of nursery mobile showcasing a range of products. Another example is an advertisement that boasts layers of animation that settle into place once the ‘clip’ is over.

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