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  • Posted on: May 25 2016
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In our last blog, we discussed the various types of display adverts internet marketers can choose to promote a business or other entity on Google. Why is this important for digital marketers to understand?

Google AdWords Display Advertising can take many different forms, and which type you choose depends on the goal of the ad, and of course, the budget. While certain businesses may benefit greatly from choosing a video ad rather than a text ad, and for others, that extra time, money and effort to create the video ad does not lead to a bigger return on investment than standard text.

As we have previously stated, the GDN provides coverage to more than 90 percent of internet users. Adding to Google’s amazingly far-ranging reach is its ability to target internet users using different methods; due to the variety of ads one can utilize, the reach can take many forms. Advertisers should take advantage of this tool not only because of its reach, but for the flexibility it provides in choosing an advertising medium.

Google’s display advertising network spans text ads, image ads, rich media ads and video ads. While image ads seem ubiquitous due to the presence of these types of ads on social networking sites like Facebook, you probably see the various other ad types while online everyday though you may not always realize it.

If you are studying to become Google certified, it’s imperative you become well-versed in all of these ad types, and you should begin taking note of when and where you notice different ads, and how effective you feel they were at grabbing your attention. GCertification Exams helps professionals get certified one exam at a time with prep questions, study guides and the latest news.

Since YouTube is now included on the Display Network, video ads have become more and more common. The placement of ads on YouTube is no coincidence, place your ads right next to YouTube videos with AdWords — this is where you have the best shot of getting the eyes of the internet user on your ad. Google AdWords Display Advertising video ads allows you to create an ad, embedding a video that plays within it.

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