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Need to Know: Google AdWords Certification Exam

Google AdWords can be a great way to boost your exposure and attract new customers. But running a Google AdWords campaign before you really understand what you’re doing can be confusing, expensive, and disappointing.   Getting certified in Google AdWords is one of the best ways to ensure your campaign is successful. If you’re considering […]

  • Mar 6

Prove Your Expertise with AdWords Certification

If you are hoping to become AdWords Certified, you will need to take the Google AdWords Exams. Through the various AdWords Exams, you will be tested on best practices for advertising online and how AdWords fits into that equation. Taking the Google AdWords Exams are a great way to advance your career and prove your […]

  • Feb 12

Why Take the Google Educator Exam?

The Google Certified Educator exam helps you prove that you have the skills to teach Google tools in a classroom. If you would like to teach others how to use Google tools to their best ability, the Google Educator Level 1 Exam is a great place to begin. When preparing for the Google Educator Level […]

  • Jan 7

Advanced Search Exam Tips

If you’ve recently passed your Google AdWords Fundamentals Exam, you’re probably preparing to move on to take the Google AdWords Advanced Search Exam. As a test that is slightly more difficult than the Fundamentals Exam, the Advanced Search Exam can help you prove your expertise in Google AdWords. But if you want to pass your […]

  • Dec 19

Merchant Center to Advanced Campaign: Google’s Shopping Advertising Exam

If you’re a merchant or business that sells physical products, taking the Google Shopping Exam may be one of the best certifications for you and your company. Because the exam covers everything from how to create a Merchant Center account to how to run advanced campaigns, taking the Google Shopping Exam can be beneficial for […]

  • Nov 2

Google Analytics Tips for SEO

Google Analytics is one of the best programs to use when creating your SEO strategy. As software that allows you to look behind the scenes of your website, Google Analytics gives you a new perspective on how your website is doing, what it is being used for, and how people are finding your page. When […]

  • Oct 8

Passing the Google Partners Certifications

The Google Partners Certifications can be a huge boost in furthering your digital marketing career, but they aren’t easy to pass. If you’re considering taking your certification exams, here are six tips to ensure you’re prepared when the time comes: Use the Platforms Hands-on learning definitely applies to both AdWords and Analytics. If you’re going […]

  • Sep 8

Passing the GAIQ Test

Google Analytics Certification and How to Pass the GAIQ Test If you’re looking to prove your knowledge in Google Analytics, you may find yourself preparing for the GAIQ test. But what is the GAIQ test, is it the right choice for you, and what’s the best way to study? We’ll help you out. Inside the […]

  • Aug 13

Google AdWords Network Video Ads

Google Adwords isn’t just for banner ads and images. You can also incorporate video ads through your AdWords network. By setting up your video advertisements on YouTube, they can appear across a number of different websites and locations. Here is a brief overview of understanding, creating, and using video ads with AdWords: AdWords Videos and the TrueView Format. The […]

  • Jul 26

Getting Google AdWords Certified

Getting certified in Google AdWords is a no-brainer to some, and while the prestige of having a “certified” anything on your resume is always nice, certification can help you In a job search. An employer or someone looking to hire freelance work will likely find you more legitimate, experienced and an overall better candidate when […]

  • Jun 28