Background: Google Advanced Display Advertising Exam

One of the numerous Google exams is the Advanced Display Advertising Exam. If you are new to this type of thing, it will help to explain what a display network is. The Display Network is essentially a large network of websites that display Google AdWords ads. Some included sites are Google sites, such as Gmail and YouTube, as well as mobile website and applications.

Google AdWords certification exams are designed to test one’s knowledge of online advertising best practices and AdWords. In order to become AdWords certified, you must pass the Advanced Display Advertising Exam with a score of at least 70 percent in order to become AdWords certified.

According to Google, the network reaches 90 percent of Internet users through their use of millions of sites. Compared to search network ads, cheap nba jerseys the display advertisements Mensa are more passive in that internet users may not be actively searching for the product or service in the ad Lomba’s when they come years across it. When it comes to search network ads, however, users almost always are searching for a particularly thing when they happen upon the ad.

Google Display Network is not all about imagery though, as the network allows advertisers to create text advertisements as well as ads with images and video. It’s even possible for these ads to contain rich media, meaning the cheap mlb jerseys ad has animated elements.

So now that we have reviewed the basics of Google Advertising Network, we need to delve into how one goes about becoming certified. In the words of Google, “The Display Advertising exam covers advanced concepts and best practices for creating, managing, measuring, and optimizing Display campaigns.”


Exam hints cheap nba jerseys found Fundamentals throughout the web all point to YouTube as a definite area of focus for this test, so it’s very important to thoroughly study, practice and review all options for YouTube advertising in Google AdWords. Don’t forget about looking through the available Analytics ads on YouTube New as well.

As we mentioned, a score the of 70% on the 88-question exam (120 minutes) is required to pass, and it’s not as easy as 1-2-3, cheap mlb jerseys though achieving that score may seem cheap mlb jerseys like a breeze, it requires knowledge more in-depth than the exam basics to pass.

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