Analytics Exam Basics

Need help prepping for the Google Analytics Exam? If you would like to pursue a career in digital technology and analytics, then you need to become certified! Below, we have listed topics to review in preparation of taking the Google Analytics exam.

Dimensions and Metrics

Do you know anything about these two essential areas of for analytics? According to Google: “dimensions describe characteristics of your users, their sessions and actions.” So it’s a means of grouping data, like a campaign. A metric is a quantifiable piece of data. You can quantify a pageview, so that is one example of a metric for you.


Sessions are different from site visits in that it counts how many site sessions happened in a particular amount of time, rather than how many visitors. This means that Face-Lifting you wholesale mlb jerseys could have more sessions than you have visitors, since one visitor can visit the site multiple times within a timeframe.

This definition is sort of twofold though, as session also refers to the period of time a user is active on a website. The Google Analytics default is 30 minutes of inactivity- after that, any future interaction on the site is attributed to a new session. Same when it comes to users who leave your site and return within a half hour- that still counts as one session.


If you are fairly well-versed in Google tune-up Analytics, sometimes it’s the most seemingly simple things that are a source of confusion when it comes to the exam. Source is the source- the origin, of the traffic. The source could be Google, a specific domain, a social media site and so on. It’s important the note the Medium is the category the source fits into – cheap jerseys if it’s a referral from another site, that’s referral, if it’s a t?rténete social media site, it’s social/referral ateliers depending on what you are looking at for exactly.

What’s a segment?

Looking to analyze groups of sessions that share some similarities in order to better understand your audience? Then segmenting, aka subset of sessions, cheap jerseys from China helps.
A subset of sessions or users that share common attributes. Segments allow you to isolate and analyze groups of sessions or users for better analysis. Analyzing segments of data for the website you are working cvikov on can give you insight into your audience.

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